Castle Double Slide with Plunge Pool

The inflatable Castle Double Slide is one of the best units we offer: it has a bounce house and a water slide that leads to a plunge pool! This bounce house water slide allows kids to jump, climb, and slide all in one unit. A non-slip bounce surface allows kids to jump safely while the unit is wet, something that is impossible to do with just a vinyl moonwalk.



The bounce area of the moonwalk is 13’L x 10’W.  Enter the moonwalk and make a left and go up one of the two climbing ladders then down the slide making a big splash in the pool below! Everyone that is able to slide down on their own will love this rental, no matter what age. Let the older guests at your event let our inner child with this rental.



We only ask the customer to provide (2) 20amp electrical circuits within 80ft of the rental as well as a water hose that needs to be attached for the duration of the event. Last but not least we do ask that full supervision be provided for the duration of the event.



Warning: Kids 4 and under require adult supervision at all times.  The plunge pool has 18″ of standing water and can be a drowning hazard.  For kids 4 and under we recommend going with the landing attachment.

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