Pirates Club Moonwalk

The Pirates theme has become ever-so-popular with the younger generations within the past couple of years. It’s a good thing that The Fun Ones offers a couple of items that follow the hit theme! We have got you covered to make your event a memorable one!

Our Pirates Club Moonwalk measures 15’Lx15’Wx17’H  in total. Its bouncing area has an area of about 13’Lx13’W but we recommend to our clients to have an area that measures about 19’Lx19’Wx18’H to ensure the moonwalk fits adequately. This along with many of our other moonwalks can be set up indoor (if the space permits), on grass, or even on a hard surface. It will be up to the client to decide where is more appropriate.

The Fun Ones will bring everything that is required to set up and take down the moonwalk. All that we ask the client to provide is the following:

1. Full supervision for the duration of the event
2. (1) 20amp electrical circuit within 80ft of the moonwalk

If you have a “Pirates” theme and are looking for other items to book for your upcoming special event, don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced event planners today! See what many other recommendations they have to help make your event a Fun One!

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