Sports Area Moonwalk

This newest moonwalk in our collection is called the Sports Arena Moonwalk. If you would like to rent this sports moonwalk, then you better act quickly, because it is already a big hit with boys and girls across Illinois! The graphics are amazing and sure to impress. Whether you like soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc, this is sure to be a great moonwalk for rent. We pride ourselves with our innovative moonwalk designs and love offering great prices on all of our moonwalk rentals. The Fun Ones Party Rentals is one of the few moonwalk rental companies in Illinois that carries liability insurance and is certified by state of Illinois. Safety always comes first! Rest assured, we will make your next event or special celebration lot’s of fun with a moonwalk rental.

Our Sports Arena Moonwak measures 15’Lx15’Wx16’H in total. Its bouncing area measures about 13’Lx13’W but we recommend that our customers provide a total space that is about 17Lx17Wx18H in order to ensure the moonwalk fits. Our Sports Arena Moonwalk along with many of our other moonwalks can be set up indoors (if the space permits), on grass, and even on hard surface. We would just need to know ahead of time to bring the proper equipment.

If you have a theme for your special event, call one of our event planners today to see what other awesome items we recommend to make your event a Fun One!

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