Deluxe Dunk Tank

Our Deluxe Dunk Tank rental has the largest tank of water for making the largest splash! This Deluxe Dunk Tank is great for any family picnics or reunions, birthday parties, fundraisers, school events, challenges, and more! In our Deluxe Dunk Tank, there is a huge window in the front for everyone to watch the person get submerged! Place your orders early to get this one especially during the hot summer days!

The Deluxe Dunk Tank rentals holds 500 gallons of water.! Note: Plan to spend 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to fill the dunk tank with YOUR garden hose prior to your start time of your event! This is a great dunk tank for both the young and older crowd at your event! The weight limit on the Deluxe Dunk Tank is 190 pounds! We suggest anyone over the age of 6-7 can use this Deluxe Dunk Tank rental.

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