Boulder Dash

If you have watched the American Gladiator show then you will recognize the concept of our Boulder Dash Obstacle Course. Players on the outside swing large foam balls at the contestants inside the cage. Then the contestants try to knock them off their pedestals as they try to run from one end of the cage to the other! Just like the American Gladiator show, it sounds like an easy concept. However, once you are inside trying to run to the other end, you won’t think that at all! Boulder Dash will bring all the excitement and bring out the adrenaline in all your guests!

Customer will need to provide:

  • (2) 20amp electrical circuits within 80ft
  • An area of at least 50’Lx15’Wx15’H

Boulder Dash is a great interactive game suitable for anyone that is at least 9 years of age! Our American Gladiator-style Boulder Dash is especially popular for school events, school lock-ins, block parties, fundraisers, and birthday parties! The Fun Ones will deliver this and other great rentals to any Chicago-surrounding suburb! If you are not sure if we service your area, just give us a call and we will be happy to check! Call and book today!

If you are interested in booking the American Gladiator Boulder Dash for your upcoming event, or if you are interested in having this in a package, be sure to talk to one of our friendly representatives today! They will help you with any requirements that are needed and if you have a certain budget to stay under, they will be able to offer the best bang for your buck! Call us today!

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