Nemo Moonwalk

Everyone loved the Finding Nemo movie, and hence everyone is sure to love this Finding Nemo bounce house featuring graphics from the movie! Nemo and all his friends are sure to draw guests into this bounce house in which they will enjoy bouncing in. Bounce house rentals are not only fun, but they are also healthy exercise. Despite the “fishy” theme, this moonwalk is not a water unit, however, this moonwalk can hold many guests so no one is left out of the bouncing experience!

This Finding Nemo bounce house rental is preferred by many children. Boys and girls alike love the Finding Nemo bounce house rental so why not give the children what they want?The Fun Ones Party Rentals offers clean moonbounce rentals, delivery, setup, and takedown! All you have to do is enjoy the experience with Nemo & all his friends! Our Nemo moonwalk bounce house is suitable for all ages but we do recommend that you enforce the maximum number that we suggest to be in there at one time. Here are our recommendations:

-Kids ages 5 and younger: Suggested max is 9
-Kids ages 6-11 years: Suggested max is 6
-Teenagers and adults: Suggested max is 4

Rental Requirements:

  • Full adult supervision of the day of the event
  • (1) 20 amp electrical outlet within 80 ft of distance
  • A set up space of at least 17’L x 17’W x 15’H

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