Winnie The Pooh Moonwalk

The classic cartoon that will never loose its magic, Winnie The Pooh will continue to be loved by everyone! Our Winnie The Pooh bounce house is not only for the younger kids who currently watch the cartoon, but for all of the adults who never stopped loving it in the first place!

Our Winnie The Pooh bounce house is suitable for all ages but we do recommend that you enforce the maximum number that we suggest to be in there at one time. Here are our recommendations:

-Kids ages 5 and younger: Suggested max is 9
-Kids ages 6-11 years: Suggested max is 6
-Teenagers and adults: Suggested max is 4

Rental Requirements:

  • Full adult supervision of the day of the event
  • (1) 20 amp electrical outlet within 80 ft of distance
  • A set up space of at least 17’L x 17’W x 15’H

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