Tiger Belly Moonwalk

Our Tiger Belly Moonwalk is sure to keep your little ones jumping non-stop! It’s bright orange color and unique layout is what makes this moonwalk special! This moonwalk is definitely bigger than our other standard moonwalks yet it’s the same price! Call and book this large tiger-shaped moonwalk today!

Our Tiger Belly Moonwalk is suitable for kids that are 11 and younger. The dimensions for the Tiger Belly Moonwalk are 25’Lx16’Wx14’H but we do ask that the customer provide an area that is at least 27’Lx18’Wx16’H in order to ensure the moonwalk fits adequately. We only ask that full supervision is provided by the customer as well as (1) 20amp electrical outlet within 80ft.

If you have an upcoming ‘animals’ themed event be sure to book our Tiger Belly Moonwalk. It is one of our bigger standard moonwalks so it’s such a popular moonwalk that is booked nearly every weekend in the summer! We are fully insured, licensed, and inspected by the Illinois Department of Labor. Our event planners as well as delivery crew are very friendly and make any experience wonderful!

You will be impressed by how big this moonwalk is, and for the price, it is such a steal! Call one of our representatives today to see what other recommendations they have to help make your next event a Fun One!

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