Pony Belly Moonwalk

If you have a Western themed upcoming event you are going to want to rent our Pony Belly Moonwalk! Kids love that it is shaped like a horse and it will bring such joy to both the younger crowd and the parents at your upcoming event! What better way to create memories than with something that will bring such joy to both parents and kids?

Our Pony Belly Moonwalk measures 25’Lx16’Wx14’H! We recommend our customers to provide a total space with an area that measures about 27’Lx18’Wx16’H to ensure it fits addeqautely. It is one of our biggest standard moonwalks that we have available, and for the price it’s such a steal! During the warm and sunny days this moonwalk is hard to come by since it is always booked! So if you would like it for your upcoming event make sure to book it today!

For any Western themed event or any type of event that you are thinking of having make sure to call one of our event planners. They will be delighted to help in any way and suggest some of our other equipment to make your event a Fun One!

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