Tropical Double Slide with Landing

Have a tropical theme for your upcoming event? Are you having it in the summer? Look no
further and get out Tropical Double Slide Combo today! This combo is the perfect slide to have during a hot Chicago summer day. When temperatures get blazing hot let your guests cool off with this unique piece. Since it is made of a special material, the guests jumping inside the bounce house will not run any danger if they are soaking wet from using the slide. Call and rent this for your summer event today since these combos are hard to rent during the hot summer days!

wet-dry-combo-insideWhat is included?

With our Tropical Double Slide Combo, you will get the rental piece itself and the equipment needed to secure it to the ground! We ask the customer to provide the water source that will need to stay on for the duration of the event as well as (2) 20 amp electrical circuits within 80ft and of course full supervision for the duration of the event.


tropical double slide with landingAny other inflatable rentals are made of vinyl, for the most part. Vinyl and water can be very dangerous since water will make the vinyl incredibly slippery! Our water slide combos are made of a special material that allows guests to have a better grip when water is involved. By renting one of our water slide combos you can have peace of mind that your guests will not be flying all over the place and possibly getting injured! We can’t guarantee that absolutely no one will get hurt at your next event, but we can guarantee that the material that makes up our Tropical Double Slide Combo is much much safer than your typical vinyl.

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